How to Find an Easy to Clean Meat Slicer


No one likes kitchen clean up, especially when it involves cleaning an appliance. Meat slicers pose some additional issues when it comes to the whole clean up process because of their unique nature and design. Check out the information below for some guidelines on how to find an easy to clean meat slicer.

Removable Parts

One of the best ways to ensure that your meat slicer is easy to clean is to find one that has removable parts. When you can take off the safety guards, carriage, or food trays then you can actually wash them separately rather than having to scrub them down while still attached to the body of the slicer. Depending on the makeup of the pieces and the type of slicer, you may even be able to put the parts in the dishwasher. Even so, you should always check the manufacturer’s care instructions to make sure that parts are in fact dishwasher safe.

No Small Crevices

The more tiny creases and crevices that are in the meat slicer, the harder it will be to get it clean. This can become a major issue depending on the type of foods you slice, as crumbs or other debris can fall off during slicing and build up in these areas. Sometimes you can’t avoid a few crevices, so pay attention to the area near and around the blade, as those are where the debris is most likely to form.

Detachable Blade

Even if the carriage has removable parts, it doesn’t mean that the blade is detachable, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for this feature specifically. Some models may allow you to remove the blade with the use of tools, which can make it harder to reattach the blade after the cleaning and affect its future slicing abilities. An easily detachable blade will not only allow you to thoroughly clean off any oils or food build up on the blade itself, but allow you to clean the compartment behind it as well.

Metal Surfaces

Just like with other types of appliances, a metal surface is going to be significantly easier to clean than a plastic one. Stainless steel is a great choice for easy cleaning because it doesn’t hold on to food stains and is resistant to the formation of rust. Some heavy duty slicers may be made of different types of metal, which may have different cleaning requirements such as not reacting well to certain types of disinfectants.

Pay Attention to Sliding Components

It’s pretty common for meat slicers to have a sliding carriage, which is the part that the meat rests on when you place it on the body of the slicer. This makes it very easy to perform the actual slicing, but can lead to some tricky cleaning situations if food gets stuck in the sliding area. If there are no sliding components on the slicer, then you don’t need to worry. If there are, just make sure you pay attention to them during use so that you can keep them free of food buildup.

A Tip to Make Cleaning Easier

One way to make cleanup easier is to chill your foods before you actually slice them by placing them in the freezer for up to 30 minutes. The food should not be completely frozen, but just slightly more solid. This will help the food stay together during the slicing and cause less debris to built up.

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