Reviews for Budget, Multipurpose, and Deli Style Meat Slicers


There are few luxuries in life more enjoyable than freshly sliced meats. From simple sandwiches to elaborate entrees, sliced meats can add the right amount of flair and purpose to any meal. But even though using a meat slicer might be easy, finding the best meat slicers can be a very different story.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours sifting through confusing information online to figure out what meat slicer is right for you. Here at Slice Wiser you can find honest and helpful reviews that cover all of the most important features of the best meat slicers available today.

Don’t waste another second trying to find what you need anywhere else. Check out the reviews below so you can start slicing your own meats, breads, and more – at home; right away.

Best Variable Width Meat Slicer

Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric


Being able to control the thickness of your slices is a huge deal when it comes to meat slicers, since it’s what really gives you the flexibility to work with different meats or to create different meals. This model from Chef’s Choice is designed to put the control into your hands so you can really fine tune the thickness to your needs.

Wide Range of Thickness Settings

You would think that a slicer with a 7-inch blade wouldn’t give you many cutting options, but that’s simply not the case with this model. If you’re in the mood for some deli-style thin slices, you can close the gap and create those delightfully thin cuts that can really make your sandwiches feel extravagant. On the other hand, what if you want to make some thick cuts of ham to make mini-steaks for a full brunch? All you need to do is expand the adjustable blade and you’re in business. You can achieve a maximum thickness of ¾ inch, which is more than enough to give you a thick, juicy slice of whatever you’d like. With this kind of breadth, you can really experiment and get a feel for how the different thicknesses affect the final eating experience.

Easy-Clean Design

Since the adjustable width blade means you’re probably going to be cutting a wide variety of meats, it’s important that you properly clean the slicer when you’re done. This model takes some extra measures to make cleaning up an easy process, unlike many of the older style slicers that required way too much effort to clean up. Practically every piece is removable, from the food pusher and carriage to the thickness guide plate and even the blade itself. This allows you to clean each piece individually, as well as ensure the body of the slicer gets a nice scrub down, too. No more worries about food getting trapped between the pieces and posing a sanitation risk down the line.

Best for the Money

ARKSEN Electric Commercial Deli Meat Slicer


Meat slicers can certainly creep into the higher end of the price range compared to many other home appliances, which can make it hard for those of you working on a budget to find a quality product. Well, now you don’t have to sacrifice quality just to keep the cost down, because this model gives you tons of features and versatility all at an incredibly reasonable price.

Spiked Meat Holder

This is probably one of the best features you can find on a meat slicer because it not only helps you maintain control during slicing but also increases safety. The spikes give you significantly more grip on the meat once you lay it on the carriage. In the past, you literally had to hold the meat in your hand while you ran it past the blades, which would open you up to all manner of complications since some meats are not easy to hold onto. Combine this with the easy sliding carriage, and you’ve got a slicer that you can use with confidence. Your hands won’t be going anywhere near the exposed portion of the blade, and you won’t have to worry about possible accidents – a real issue with some budget-level slicers.

Slices More than Just Meat

Now, if you didn’t already think this meat slicer was a gold mine based on its usability, you’ll definitely be convinced by the fact that you aren’t limited to just slicing meats. Let’s say you picked up a loaf of rye bread and some corned beef and wanted to make yourself a Reuben. Well, with this slicer you’d be able to cut the bread and the meat one after the other and enjoy an amazing, home-prepared meal customized to be just how you like it. I really love that there’s so much versatility in this slicer, so you know you’re really getting the most bang for your buck.

Most Family Friendly Home Meat Slicer

Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer


Finding a great meat slicer to use at home with my family is how I got started with all of this, and this is absolutely the best slicer I’ve found for families. Practically every aspect of it is perfect for home use, and it’s got a lot of little touches that would really make it ideal for families, including some usability and safety features.

Larger Blade Size

Right away, I was very impressed to see that this slicer came with such a large blade size, since it means that it can handle cutting through a very wide selection of meats and other types of food. Specifically, the larger size blade allows you to work with larger cuts of meat, loaves of bread, or any other type of food product that you have. This is great, because buying in bulk is the norm for my family, and I know that it’s probably the same case for many other families across the country, too. Other slicers just aren’t designed to handle bigger food, and buying in bulk also means you’re going to be getting some big pieces of meat. Here, you won’t have to worry about any of that, so you can really stretch out every dollar quite a bit.

Keeping Safety in Mind

There’s no two ways about it – meat slicers are not a toy and definitely not something that children should be using. Still, when you have one in a home that does have kids around, you want to pay special attention to the design to make things as safe as possible at all times. In terms of the blade itself, you have a casing around the back of it so that you don’t have a fully exposed edge anywhere on the device. This is important because you don’t want to have the blade out where it could harm a child even when the slicer is not in use. During operation, you have a guide that’s attached to the sliding carriage, which helps make the actual slicing operation smooth and simple so that you aren’t coming into contact with the blade during use.

Best Deli Quality Slicer

Best Choice Products Commercial Deli Food Slicer


If you’re looking to purchase a luxury meat slicer that’s just like one you would find in a deli, then this model from Best Choice Products is hands down the one for you. It features a powerful blade and strong motor, and is constructed to deliver slice after slice with a huge variety of foods.

Heavy-Duty Blade

This meat slicer has one of the biggest blades I’ve seen, clocking in at a whopping 10 inches. With a blade that big, you can definitely work with almost any type of meat, from simple lunch meats to larger cuts of beef or ham. The options are practically limitless, since the blade is also made out of a heavy duty stainless steel designed to work its way through all manner of meats quickly and cleanly. Even with a strong blade, the slicer is only as good as its mechanics, which is why this model is built around a 240 watt commercial motor. With that much power, you could even slice up multiple pieces of meat in a single session, without having to power it off to let the motor cool down.

Skid-Proof Feet

When you’re cutting heavier and tougher pieces of meat, you’re going to experience a bit of kickback here and there. Also, placing the meat onto the carriage can cause the whole slicer to move around, which can be very hard on the device if you’re not careful. In true deli style, this slicer comes with skid-proof feet to help keep it in place at all times. You’ll really notice this when you’re slicing through a big, heavy piece of meat that requires a bit of effort to handle. The feet are made to give you some resistance so that moving the meat doesn’t move the whole machine, as that can damage the motor or pose some serious safety issues. During heavy duty operation, you really want things to be as sturdy and stable as can be to avoid issues.

Best for a Small Business

EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric


Those of you who are looking for a reliable meat slicer for use in a business setting, but who don’t necessarily have a huge cash flow to cover a commercial-grade slicer, are in luck. This model is made to deliver a great slicing experience at a more reasonable price point, giving you a great balance of affordability and performance.

Angled for Efficiency

When you have any kind of business, it’s super important to be as timely and productive as possible, because moving too slow can affect your bottom line. Whether you’re a small sandwich shop cutting your own meats or a new butcher looking to sell sliced foods at an outdoor location, you definitely want to have a machine that makes operation simple and smooth. There are a lot of aspects of this slicer that are geared towards high efficiency, starting with the angled carriage and base. Since you won’t have to deal with getting the meat to rest on the base comfortably, or manually line everything up yourself, you’ll be able to cut through your meats and other food items quickly and increase your output significantly.

Highly Sanitary

Any time you’re dealing with food preparation from a business standpoint, you need to pay extra special attention to the cleanliness and sanitation of your tools and workstations. It’s not just to stay in compliance with your local health codes, but to deliver the highest-quality product to your customers. To that end, this model almost completely break apart so that you can clean all of the components whenever you need to. For a small business, it’s important to have a slicer that you don’t have to struggle with, so all the removable pieces would make it very easy to train employees on the proper cleaning processes – keeping the process uncomplicated, unlike with some other models out there.

The Multipurpose Winner

Weston 9-Inch Food Slicer


When you want a meat slicer that isn’t just for slicing meat, then you want to check out this versatile model from Weston. It’s made to cut through vegetables, breads, cheeses, and more in addition to a huge selection of meats.

Designed for Vegetables and Cheeses

This is a full-service slicer that would allow you to slice up practically everything you would need for a meal, starting with the meats and ending with the produce. Thanks to the large, smooth-edge blade you can slice through a lot of different food items easily. A big part of this is the smooth blade, which is what allows it to handle all the different items without damaging the actual food. It can also slice through cheese, which is a wonderful feature when you really want to take your sandwiches to the next level.

Quiet Running Motor

A lot of food processors use gear-driven motors, but this model features a belt-driven motor that is still quite powerful at an impressive 150 watts. The motor is made to be less noisy and bothersome, so you can use it in the comfort of your home without having to feel like you’re in a busy deli that has a loud, commercial slicer. The motor is also a key component to making this the best multipurpose slicer, since it’s what gives it the power to cut through steaks and turkey as well as onions and other types of vegetables.

The Ultra Durable Choice

Chef’s Choice 609


If you’ve ever used a meat slicer before, than you know that they experience quite a bit of wear even with a light use, so daily slicing can really be taxing on the machine. If you plan on using your slicer frequently, or working with tougher cuts, then you’re going to want a durable model like this that’s built to withstand a lot of action.

Stainless Steel and Cast Aluminum

The first rule of sturdiness when it comes to meat slicers is that you want to avoid anything with a ton of plastic parts, as these usually aren’t going to be strong enough to withstand use in the long run. This model is the complete opposite, as it is made out of both stainless steel and cast iron to give you a truly durable and dependable appliance. The body is constructed out of strong metal, so you won’t have to be afraid of it breaking apart from the vibrations of the motor or from the impact of placing heavier pieces of meat onto it. Since it also uses stainless steel, you’re not only getting strength but a safeguard against future decay. Other types of metal can rust over time, which can speed up the wear and cause the machine to break prematurely. Stainless steel is rust resistant, so you can easily keep it clean no matter what type of meat you cut.

Tilted Food Carriage and Cantilever

The metal body isn’t the only thing that makes this a great durable meat slicer; it also has a tilted design to increase the functionality. Some meat slicers feature a food carriage that sits parallel to the ground, which can actually make it harder to achieve a smooth, even slice when you operate it. Here, you have a tilted food carriage so the meats can rest easily, with less chance of rolling off or moving around during use. Cutting at odd angles or moving the slicer around too much while the blade is spinning can damage the motor or cause other issues. Since the cantilever (which provides additional support to the base) is also tilted, you can focus on the proper operation methods essential for keeping the slicer’s lifespan as long as possible.

Best Compact Meat Slicer

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric


While there isn’t really such as thing as a portable electric meat slicer, there are some models that are noticeably more compact than others. I was really impressed at the design on this slicer, as Kalorik was able to work in a lot of great features in an appliance that is pretty small for what it does.

Small Size, Big Power

I came across a lot of meat slicers that were pretty big, which would make them almost impractical for anyone who has a cramped kitchen. A lot of the time, the size doesn’t really even add in any extra functionality or purpose to the slicer, so you’re just getting a bigger machine that doesn’t really need to be bigger. Here, they’ve done away with all of that unnecessary extra body size and compressed the entire slicer down to 15 inches by 8 inches by 10 inches. Now, if you can believe it, this slicer also has a 200 watt motor, so you’re not losing out on a lick of power even with the compressed size. Here, it’s all about cutting out what you don’t need so you can focus on what you do need – a powerful slicer that won’t completely take over your kitchen.

Lots of Safety Features

All too often meat slicers (and other appliances) sacrifice safety features in order to make the product smaller, so I was very happy to learn that this is not the case here. You’ve got a backed casing protecting the outer edge of the blade, so the only part of the blade that’s openly exposed is what’s actually going to be slicing the meat. There’s also a fully sliding carriage with a safety guard at the outer end that will protect your hands while also making it easy to operate during slicing. When not in use, you can set the thickness dial to 0, which retracts it fully inside the outer guard so that there are no exposed edges. Finally, the non-slip feet keep the slicer in place so there’s no risk of movement during operation.

Best for Starters

Continental PS77711 Professional Series


The idea of being able to slice your own meat is pretty exciting, but it can be a bit much for someone who’s not used to using such as device. This meat slicer is the perfect beginner model to help you learn the ins and out of home meat slicing without setting you back in the finance department or limiting your overall experience.

Sturdy Cast Iron Build

Nothing would ruin your view of home meat slicing faster than having the appliance break on you, which could also be pretty dangerous on top of it. With this model, you won’t have to worry about a flimsy design because it’s made out of a strong cast iron which will absolutely be able to handle the work of slicing through a good variety of meats and foods. It’s still important to understand the full recommended operating methods on this model before you start slicing, so you can see what the best settings are for the different types of meat you’d like to slice. The key here, though, is that you won’t have to work around the slicer, but instead you can work with it on every use.

Great Introduction to Home Slicing

You’ve also got a lot of nice features in this model that will help you learn more about the benefits of home meat slicing and what aspects are most important to you. It does have a safety guard that will keep the meat in place on the carriage while you slide it across the body, so you can operate it with confidence and without putting yourself at any kind of risk. There are also non-slip feet, which are very useful for reducing movement and helping you focus on the slicing rather than on keeping the machine in place. The design also allows you to work with several different thicknesses, so you can also see what the ratings actually mean and discover if you want to eventually find a model that supports thicker or thinner slices.

Review Conclusions

I hope that you were able to find all of these reviews helpful, whether you’re looking to find a model for use in your home or your business. If you’ve still got some questions about a specific feature you want or need you have, make sure to check out the buying guide that I put together. There are also some other sections that cover other aspects of buying a meat slicer in more detail, which might help to make your final decision an easier one.

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